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Meet Ana

Ana wants to live in a world where everyone is comfortable in their own skin, a world where we engage the power of our minds to create magical lives from the bedroom to the board room (especially the bedroom), and where all meals include dark chocolate or bacon…maybe both, with zero calories of course.

A Master Certified Life Coach, she is trained in Neurolinguistic Programing and Hypnosis. And, she is a licensed Massage Therapist – ooh, the power of touch!

Ana’s mission is to provide a judgment and expectation free zone, where open and honest communcation rules.

About Ana Speaks

Is your life lacking? Has sex become mundane? Is orgasm elusive?

Maybe it’s a health concern, or your body image, or simply not understanding the best way to maximize your pleasure. Where do we go with our questions? A parent? A doctor? A partner? The Internet? Too embarrassed for those options? How can you get honest, accurate information?

Welcome to Ana Speaks – you are safe here. There is no judgment or unrealistic expectations. Instead there are open, honest answers and a listening ear. Most importantly, there is conversation. In our video series, which you can find on here, we share a tid bit, a yummy tip, or a little something to think about that could enhance your satisfaction and spice up your life on multiple levels.

Tune into on Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern, when we will go deeper. Weighing in will be relationship and sexuality experts to talk about common problems and how to solve them, and to tackle some of the myths. If hoping and wishing haven’t helped, perhaps it’s time to do something different.

YOU are cordially invited to join the conversation…

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  • "Open, non judgmental...What you say is what you are Ana. Thank you!" - TS

  • "Timely. This is just the type of conversation that is need in our society today." - KG

  • "I learned something I did not know within the first few minutes." - HD

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